Worth sharing

As I travel the world wide web, I always find things that I'm sure my readers would like to know about. I put them all in a folder and when that folder starts to get full, I know it's time for a blog post!

Time to share the good stuff:

I was excited to get this email from Jennifer Wilson at Simple Scrapper: Photo Crush is a free 7-day photo organization challenge to help you escape from photo chaos and create a digital photo library you love. I'm all signed up and I hope you will all join in as well. It's free!

AdoramaPix (my favorite place for printing photobooks) is offering two free online workshops to help you learn how to put together amazing albums. The first one is on Sunday, May 3rd in the afternoon and it's for beginners.

The next workshop is for intermediate level users to learn more tips and tricks to improve their photobooks. I'm planning on attending this one. I'm super happy with how my albums have turned out so far, but I'm always interested in learning more.

I enjoyed the recent blog series on The Pocket Source all about mobile memory keeping.

If you missed this series, be sure to go back through these 6 posts!

Have you found anything worth sharing lately? I'd love to hear about it. If you've had trouble commenting here in the past, I did just recently fix an issue that was blocking some of the comments. Hoping that helped!

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