Maybe I'll laugh

My mom misheard a line in the movie Mr. Mom as "maybe I'll laugh" when it really said "it may be our last". Somehow, it ended up sticking and we jokingly use that phrase from time to time. 

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Memory Roundup

Even if you only do this ONE time, it is worth it! My bet is once you have a few roundups under your belt though, that you will find the value and keep on going. Feel free to do your roundup weekly, monthly, quarterly, or even randomly. Whatever your approach, it's all good. Just remember that it is worth taking a few quick minutes to round things up! #roundupyourmemories

Reading is part of being creative

One of the things I'm most proud of accomplishing in 2016 is getting back into reading. I've learned and re-learned that books are so important to my happiness, creativity, and overall quality of life. I'm planning ahead for a year full of inspiration, learning, and just plain old fun by gathering up some of the books I hope to read in 2017.