Project Life in all forms

It's important to me that my scrapbooking is modern, fast, and easy and Project Life® fits those goals perfectly! Project Life is a scrapbooking system developed by Becky Higgins that exists in 3 distinct forms; App, Digital, and Physical.

See what happens

I always start the new year with a plan for my blog and I didn't really have one as the calendar turned to 2017. In fact, I'm still working on how I will use this space. I'll keep you posted. For now, I'm working on tweaking the overall design and I'm excited about how it is shaping up. I'm also doing a lot of brainstorming which has been fun and refreshing.

a new class from my friend Steph

You will learn all about using apps to document your memories with a big focus on the Project Life app and understanding how to access your photos and supplies (and also back them all up). The lessons are organized so well and Steph is extremely knowledgeable about what she is teaching.

My word for 2017

A new year means new goals and direction for me. I know it's cliché, but I love the reset button that a new calendar brings and the chance to start on new goals and ideas. Part of my regular new year routine includes picking a word to focus on for upcoming 12 months.

Hello 2017

There's a big year ahead and I want to be ready. I'm brainstorming, planning, calendaring, and daydreaming right now. That goes for this blog as well. I'm trying to decide exactly what is on the horizon and how I will get there. That might mean a few changes, but I think they will be good ones.

Last roundup of 2016

 How do you remember what has happened in the past week, or thirty days, or even a year? Yes, you can apply the roundup technique to any period of time! Here are the tools that will help you Roundup Your Memories!