Meanwhile on Instagram

I've noticed these days that most of my favorite bloggers from the past are just using Instagram to send out ideas and updates. I don't blame them because it's such an easy format to use. I often get a lot more interaction about my posts on Instagram than I do here on my blog. I also love how fast it is to share fun thoughts and quick memories.

Blog posts take a lot of time to plan out and post. In some ways, sharing on the fly through an app like Instagram feels a bit more real and genuine. More like sharing life as it happens.

If you follow me on Instagram at you will notice that I've been traveling this week. That's something that I haven't even addressed on my blog. Why? Well because I wanted to take some time off from working on my blog so I wrote and scheduled the entries before I left.  So you might enjoy seeing a few of my travel photos + a few other glimpses of my everyday life.



And you might also enjoy my other Instagram account at for some fun and playful photos like these:



Instagram is definitely an important part of my memory keeping routine!

Bucket List

One of my friends posted this on Facebook. I decided rather than copy and paste it to my Facebook feed, I would put it here on my blog.

Bucket List  - Put a ❤️ if you have done it. 

Been Married ❤️

Been divorced 

Fell in love ❤️

Gone on a blind date ❤️ a few times. The worst one was the guy who just said he was “from the hills of Idaho” and when I asked him where that was, he said “the hills”.

Skipped school ❤️

Watched someone give birth - I actually didn’t watch myself give birth so I can’t really mark this one off. 

Watched someone die ️

Been to Canada ❤️

Ridden in an ambulance 

Been to Hawaii ❤️

Been to Europe ❤️

Been to Las Vegas ❤️

Been to Washington D.C. ❤️

Been to Nashville 

Visited Florida ❤️

Visited Mexico ❤️

Seen the Grand Canyon in person ️

Flown in a helicopter ️

Been on a cruise ❤️

Served on a jury ️

Been in a movie

Danced in the rain 

Been to Los Angeles ❤️

Been to New York City ❤️

Played in a band ❤️ -just the school band in elementary school where I played the clarinet

Sang karaoke ❤️

Laughed so much you cried ❤️

Caught a snowflake on your tongue ❤️

Had children ❤️

Had a pet ❤️

Been sledding on big hill ❤️

Been downhill skiing ❤️

Been water skiing ❤️

Rode on a motorcycle ❤️

Traveled to all 50 states 

Jumped out of a plane ️

Been to a drive-in movie ❤️

Rode an elephant 

Rode a Horse ❤️

Been on TV ❤️

Been in the newspaper ❤️

Stayed in the Hospital ❤️

Donated blood 

Gotten a piercing ❤️ -my ears only

Gotten a tattoo 

Driven a stick shift vehicle ❤️ - yes, but I stink at it!

Been scuba diving

Lived on your own ❤️

Rode in the back of a police car

Got a speeding ticket ❤️

Broken a bone ❤️ - actually had one broken for me in a surgery to fix my leg in high school.

Gotten stitches ❤️

Traveled Alone ❤️ - I was flying to meet Jeff in New York City and got delayed because of bad weather. I had to spend the night by myself (without my luggage) in the Cincinnati airport.

I thought this was a fun list so I decided to add a few photos and Project Life cards and turn it into a scrapbook page. Easy peasy!


Project Life App. Squared Away 4. Just Add Color edition. 

Project Life App. Squared Away 4. Just Add Color edition. 

Making Life Easier - a few favorite products

So many of you enjoyed my last making life easier post that I thought it would be helpful to share a few more of my favorite life hacks by telling you about some of the best products I've found. is one of my most favorite discoveries! Between me and my son, we have a lot of medication and OTC supplements that we take on a daily basis. I felt like I was ALWAYS at the pharmacy. I decided if I could eliminate most pharmacy visits from my life that it would give me some extra time and sanity. I also was excited to get rid of the dreaded weekly refill session where I would fill our daily pill organizers with the proper prescriptions. I felt like I was a pharmacist. I'm so happy with this service! Now they do all the sorting and labeling for me. My son can easily grab his medications at the proper time (we set alarms on our iphones for reminders). 

It's not perfect - there are some limitations to be aware of. If you take a medication that varies in dose depending on what you need, they can't put those into packets. They will send that prescription to you in a pill bottle. I also would be very careful with these around small children. They might look more appealing to kids being in little packets. The packets are easy to open as well. And if you suddenly come up with a sinus infection and need an antibiotic, you will still want to visit your local pharmacy.

For regular medications though, I love Pillpack and it's so easy to communicate with the staff there if you need to make any changes. There have been a few times when I noticed my pack would arrive during a vacation so I just emailed them and asked them to adjust the send date. They have always been very helpful with any request I've had. I definitely recommend this service!


I have stainless steel appliances and a stainless steel table in my laundry room. I've tried all sorts of cleaners and cloths and never been super happy with any of them. I love this SimpleHuman Microfiber mitt! No need for cleaners and it works perfectly. You can even wash it (just don't use fabric softener). I've had my for a few years now and it still works as great as the first day I bought it. They are very inexpensive as an add-on item on amazon.


This is a tip I picked up from my daughter. She's serving a mission right now and she wears dresses and skirts almost every day. She does a lot of walking and in some areas of her mission she might ride a bike. She was worried about her skirt flying up since she's right in tornado country. She found these split slips and took them with her. I didn't think much of it until I have started wearing skirts a lot more this summer. They feel cooler and more comfortable to me. When I added a slip under them, it felt hot though so I decided to try one of these. I thought it might feel warmer than a regular slip, but it's actually very nice. We get a fair amount of wind here as well and I feel like I don't have to worry so much about accidentally flashing anyone if I'm more active. They come in nude, white, and black and are available in 2 different lengths. These are also nice as summer pajama bottoms. Another great find on amazon!


I have seen these Bear Paws on a few other blogs and decided to give them a try. They are an amazing tool for shredding meat! Great for roasts, chicken, pulled pork, and more. They are super sharp though so be careful. I keep mine stored inside a pyrex measuring cup so I don't reach and and grab them by mistake. And I have to try not to think about bears when I'm using these because it's kind of disturbing to realize there's a reason a very sharp and effective tool like this is named after a bear's paw. 


A super big pet peeve of mine is dirty eyeglasses. I can't stand to look out of them and they aren't pleasant to see on other people either. Both my son and I wear glasses all the time. No matter how careful you are, they get smudgy. My son's get really smudgy. I keep a small supply of these wipes in various locations in our home and also some in my purse so we always have access to them. They are much more portable than a big microfiber cloth and a bottle of spray. They also help fight streaks. When I open up a wipe, I use it on both my own glasses and on Alex's as well. You have to work quickly because they do dry out after you open them. The box on amazon comes with 400 of these little guys so you won't need to order again for a very long time. 

So how's that for random? It might seem like an odd collection, but every one of these products has really helped me in my life. Hopefully some of you will find them useful as well.

June Solstice

Today is both the longest and the shortest day of the year - depending on which hemisphere you live in. 


 Where I live, this is the longest day of the year with the most hours of daylight. In North America, the summer solstice is also considered to be the first day of summer. In other countries across Europe and Asia, the solstice often coincides with the midsummer celebrations since the summer season in some areas begins on May 1st and ends on July 31st.

  • Document the hours of daylight on this date and how you filled those hours. How do you celebrate the summer solstice? Take pictures and detail your own traditions.


  • What activities do you participate in each summer? Does your family participate in outdoor sports like swimming, hiking, or baseball? Do you travel to far off places, or take side-trips closer to home?


  • Are your kids out of school or does your schedule change in other ways during the summer months? Create a “scenes of summer” themed layout and include the details of your everyday life during this time of year.


  • Each year there is a summer solstice festival at Stonehenge in England as well as other associated festivals across the UK. Have you ever had the opportunity to attend any of these events? Or have you visited Stonehenge before? This is the perfect excuse for a layout to celebrate this amazing and unique place. You can also find some great Stonehenge photos to download.

Happy Solstice no matter where you live!

Hometown Tourist

Back in June of 2008, I wrote a blog post about being a "hometown tourist" after I read this great entry on Kelly Goree's blog. Back then, words like photowalking were new to me and all of this seemed like such a revolutionary idea. With the rise of social media and photo sharing on sites like Instagram, none of this is news anymore. It's funny how things change in 8 years. It's also funny how they don't. Being a tourist in your own hometown is still a great idea! It's also something I still need to remind myself to do and I feel like the beginning of summer is a good time to think about stepping up my local visits and photowalking opportunities. 

Can you believe that I've lived in the Salt Lake area for most of my life and I never visited the Great Salt Lake until last year? It's probably the thing we are most known for and I hadn't been there! I bet there are some places in your hometown (or state) that you haven't been to either. Now's a great time to do something about that! Do a Google search for "top tourist attractions in" and add your town or state to the search.

When I did that search for Salt Lake City, Google showed me several points of interest.

The search also turned up several travel related websites. I like to find the official tourism page for a location and look through what they have to offer. Salt Lake City has a great page with a lot of information.

I also keep a board on Pinterest to save links and ideas to whenever I see anything related to tourism in my hometown. Then I use this board to plan fun things for our family to do. If you are interested in visiting Utah, you might enjoy following my Travel- Utah board. I would also recommend starting your own board for the area you live in. It's a great way to keep track of local attractions.

Be sure to enjoy the sites in your own town, city, state (province), and country. There are a lot of amazing places to see in the world, but you might be taking the ones near you for granted!




Photoshop humor

I was surprised to see the Queen of England wear such a bright shade of green and I thought to myself that it looked like a green screen. Apparently, there were a lot of very funny people who had the same thought!

Basically, when you put Photoshop and the internet together, you get some pretty weird stuff! Here are a few Photoshop funnies that I've seen floating around online:



Project Life layouts created in June 2016

I'm still doing A LOT of  scrapbooking is using the Project Life App by Becky Higgins. It's just so fast and easy and I can create pages in just about any setting because I can use my iPad or iPhone.

Becky Higgins has shared a few of my latest layouts on her Instagram feed (so cool!) and I also have page on the most recent team inspiration post on her blog. I thought it would be nice to put them here on my blog as well so you can find all of them in one place with the credits.

This is from my trip to Arizona in April. Such a beautiful place!

Layout created with Happiness Is edition. Design P.

Layout created with Happiness Is edition. Design P.

Documenting the details of our trip. Alex and I flew all by ourselves (we are so grown up!) and met my parents in Scottsdale.

Layout created with Lovely mini kit. Design V.

Layout created with Lovely mini kit. Design V.

This was pretty epic! My awesome friend Steph spent the day with me and my Mom and we took pictures, ate cupcakes, and went to lunch. We also stopped by Becky Higgins' office and got to meet many of the great people who work with her. What a great day!

Explore Edition. Design A

Explore Edition. Design A

These are pictures from last summer, but all my goals are pretty much still the same. I still need to work on getting fit. I still love to color and I also still love my Vera Bradley purse. I guess I'm pretty predictable!

Layout created with Aqua edition. Design K.

Layout created with Aqua edition. Design K.

All of these pages were created in the Project Life app. If you want to learn more about using this app, I've linked to a bunch of official tutorials in this blog post. It's so easy though that all you need to do is open it up and get scrapping!

Be sure to check out my bio feature page on Becky's blog. I'm having so much fun as a  Project Life creative team member for 2016. Yay!