Document Your April - Roundup Time!

The month is coming to a close and that means it's the perfect time to reflect upon and record what has happened in your life during April. It's so easy though that anybody can do this - just answer as many questions and prompts as you want to. That will help you document what has happened in the past 30 days.


Feel free to save this image for your own personal use. If you share it anywhere online, please link back to my blog here so others can find the original source. Here are the prompts in a written list if you want to copy and paste them into your own word document or blog post.

Here’s a written list of the Roundup Prompts:

  • List what you read and/or learned in the past month.
  • What fun things did you do with friends and/or family?
  • What milestones occurred? Any holidays or celebrations? How about special events?
  • What happened in the news and the world around you? What was the weather like?
  • Talk about the everyday and routine bits of life in the past month.
  • What tv shows did you watch? Did you go to any movies or live performances?
  • What and where did you eat?
  • What places did you visit? Did you travel or go anywhere out of the ordinary?
  • What good stuff happened? What were the hard things? Anything unusual?
  • Report on the progress you’ve made toward your goals or list any new goals you have set. What accomplishments did you make? What projects did you work on?

Remember, you don't have to answer ALL of these questions and prompts and you are free to add whatever else will help you get your month documented in a meaningful way. This is just meant to be a basic checklist to help you think about what you want to remember.

What's the best way to go about all of this? How do you remember what has happened in the past week, or thirty days, or even a year? Yes, you can apply the roundup technique to any period of time! Here are the tools that will help you Roundup Your Memories! I created this graphic to help you see this task list all in one place. It's a great one to pin to your Pinterest boards for a reminder!

Here's the list in written form if you prefer it that way:

How to Roundup Your Memories

•    Gather all photos taken during the month and be sure they are uploaded to a labeled file with month and year in the name. That file can be on your computer, and external hard drive, or in the cloud. Try to be consistent with file naming and structure.

•    Gather any papers, documents, awards, receipts, etc. that help you illustrate your month. Scan them or take photos. Include them with your monthly file.

•    If others have taken photos during the month that you want to include in your memory keeping, be sure to ask them for copies. Include them with your monthly file. You can name them differently if you want to remember who they are from.

•    Look through your social feeds like blogs, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, etc. to find information you can use for journaling. Copy it all to one place (Word, Evernote, Email, etc.) if possible. Put a copy of that file in the same folder of the month that you have everything else saved.

•    NOW back that monthly folder up to a few locations. Make sure at least one of them is offsite (Dropbox, Flickr, Google Drive, Evernote, etc.) Back up photos more often if possible.

Need a few more resources? Here are some helpful links:

Have fun roundup up your memories and documenting your month! I promise that it's worth taking a few minutes now to have those moments preserved for a lifetime!

Getting ready for May

Can you believe that May is just a few days away? Wow! I've got some pretties all ready to document the upcoming month.

The May set of Salutations is now available from Katie the Scrapbook Lady! These sets include a variety of digital files to use for your creative projects. Perfect for digital and/or hybrid scrapbooks, planners, journals, stationery, note cards, mini albums, and more!

The files comes in a wide range of sizes including; 3x4, 4x4, 4x6, 5x7, 6x4, 6x8, A4, letter, and 12x12. All digital files are saved at 300 dpi. If printing at home, set your printer to "borderless printing" for best results.

This May set will give you many ways to document beautiful thoughts and memories and will work for many different types of projects. The May title cards come with and without the 2016 year on them for maximum flexibility.

More than 60 digital files are included!

I've also been uploading some of my older template sets to my shop and they are all on sale so hop on over to the Scrap Shop for some goodies!

More layouts and designs created in April 2016

On Monday,  I shared the layouts I've created with the Project Life app this month. Today I thought I would show you what I've made with my computer and Adobe Photoshop Elements 14. I still love digi scrapping!


Rise Up:

Mixed media art journal page created with Chunlin Designs It's Your Day kit from The Digi Files April 2015

Vera Lim Designs Adventure Time for The Digi Files 88 April 2016

Adventure Buddies:

The tour guide scared Riley about the dangers of Paris and she didn’t want to go out and explore the city. Jeff didn’t want her to let her fears get in the way of her longtime dream so he took her on an adventure. They bought scarves and berets to wear and had a Daddy + Daughter outing right in the middle of Paris. It’s so wonderful that they are adventure buddies and I know neither one of them will ever forget that special night!

April reading report

I'm happy to report that I had another good reading month. It wasn't quite as prolific as March, but with all that I had going on, I was proud of myself for keeping up the habit. I'm still enjoying Goodreads for tracking and reviewing all the books I'm reading during this year. Here's what I read in April:

50 Great American Places by Brent D. Glass

Here's my Goodreads review:
5 out of 5 stars
Read from April 02 to 09, 2016

I was surprised at how much I enjoyed this book. I was expecting it just to be a list of sites to see with a few details about each one. I was delighted to find that each site came with a history and most of them were quite lengthy and very interesting. There are many places that I would have never thought of putting on a travel list but the author did a great job of explaining the significance of each site.

My only complaint about the book is that I thought the forward by David McCullough was a little on the obnoxious side. He basically spent the space saying that he wished he had thought to write the book and then talked about the other sites he would have included.


Mouse Under Glass: Secrets of Disney Animation and Theme Parks by David Koenig.

Here's my Goodreads review:

4 out of 5 stars
Read from March 23 to 29, 2016

This was a fun book to read because I love Disney movies and it has been helpful to read while we are doing our big 50 Disney movie review project for Toy to the World. It was interesting to learn the backstory behind the productions and it did change my view on a few of the classics. For instance, I had no idea how much most of the animators loathed working on Sword in the Stone. That made me a little sad since I've always loved that movie. I still enjoyed the inside view and wished that it was updated to include today's classics as well. It starts with Snow White and ends with Tarzan.


Rogue Partners - A Short Story by John Grisham

Here's my Goodreads review:

4 out of 5 stars
Read from April 04 to 05, 2016

I don't usually read short stories but I was contemplating reading a Grisham novel again and thought this would wet my appetite. Some of his more recent books haven't been as entertaining for me so I wasn't sure how I would feel about this one. I paid $1.99 to read it on my Kindle app and I enjoyed it. It wasn't as gripping as his early works, but still entertaining with good characters. 

Once I finished this story, I bought the Rogue Lawyer novel so it seems like this was a successful approach for Grisham to take as an author.

As of the end of April, I'm already more than halfway through the goal I set for myself this year. Woohoo!

Project Life layouts - April 2016

One of my favorite ways to scrapbook is using the Project Life App by Becky Higgins. It is soooooo easy to put together scrapbook pages this way and I just love being able to document our lives on the go using my iPhone or iPad. 

If you want to read more about how I use Project Life, be sure to check out my bio feature page on Becky's blog. I'm having so much fun as a  Project Life creative team member for 2016. Yay!

I've been sharing several of these layouts on Instagram & Facebook throughout the month and some have also been featured on Becky's blog. I thought it would be fun to share them all in one post here on my blog each month so you can find all of them in one place with the credits.

Project Life App. Travel theme cards. Design A.

Project Life App. Travel theme cards. Design A.

Project Life App. Dazzle mini kit. Design A

Project Life App. Dazzle mini kit. Design A

Project Life App. Super Cute Value Kit. Design K

Project Life App. Super Cute Value Kit. Design K

Project Life App. Strawberry Edition. Design S

Project Life App. Strawberry Edition. Design S

Project Life App. Lucky Charm and Cut & Paste kits. Design A.

Project Life App. Lucky Charm and Cut & Paste kits. Design A.

Happy Jelly Bean Day!

Yes, it's a real holiday! Besides being Earth Day today, it's also Jelly Bean Day. I love a fun excuse to party with sugar!


I've blogged about Gimbal's (my favorite brand of jelly beans) before and all the memories that candy might bring up. It's worth including these types of details in your scrapbooks.


It's also a good excuse to play around with the perfect colorful photo prop. Jelly beans are fun to photograph!

Be a finisher!

I've mentioned Jennifer Wilson of Simple Scrapper many times here on this blog because I find her to be very inspirational. She knows how to get things done! I was very intrigued when I saw this post the other day and I knew it was a good one to share with my own readers. How I Finished a Year of Project Life in a Month.

Her focus in on the physical version of Project Life, but the idea of batch processing works with any format including digital and the app. I've been using a very similar approach when I "power scrap" so I am excited that she is also offering a free class that will explain more of her methods. Go sign up! It's free!