First Aid Kit

It might seem strange for a scrapbook lady to be blogging about a first aid kit,  But these are the memories I'm making these days. I figured some of you might enjoy seeing what I've put together because this would be a great gift for college student or a newlywed couple. Or in my case, soon to be missionary!


I actually got these little red cases for free from Target as part of a promotion around this summer. If you bought three Band-Aid brand products, you got the case for free. They might even still have some if you look - they were on an end cap display near the first aid section. 


I filled one of them with cold and allergy medicine supplies. 


The other one has medicines for tummy trouble and general first aid needs such as bandages, wraps, and Neosporin. 


To conserve space, I removed pill packs from boxes and cut out the back panel of instructions to keep with them.


I think these are pretty handy if I may say so myself!

Welcome September

September happens to be one of my very favorite months. I love the change in weather as fall approaches. It's usually the most perfect temperature month in Utah as it is a rare mild month that usually is not too hot as well as not being too cold. A good month for me is one where you don't have to turn on air conditioning or heat in your home. It feels good to just exist. The middle of September is usually right in that zone.


There are also plenty of memory making events and opportunities in the month of September so it's a great season for fun and creativity. Here's what I'm looking forward to in the coming month:

  • September 7th - Labor Day (USA)
  • September 23rd - first day of Fall in the northern hemisphere and first day of Spring in the southern hemisphere
  • A few very short mini-vacations with my hubby & kids
  • My daughter's 19th birthday

And I'm hoping for some creative time with photography and memory keeping. Here are a few resources I plan to use for inspiration:

Capture Your 365 Photo Prompts - full details here

Get It Scrapped membership materials. I've been a longtime follower of Debbie Hodge and I plan to use her great resources to jump start my scrapping this month. Even if you aren't a member, there are some great free ideas on her site as well. I recommend you sign up for her list of free lessons and guides to help you get your stories told. 

Another longtime resource for me is the Simple Scrapper membership site. Jennifer Wilson does a fantastic job of providing ongoing supportive materials and ideas that keep me scrapping! I am especially happy to see that she is bringing her incredible Before Your Story workshop back and I highly recommend it!

Do you have any sites or lists/prompts that you plan to use for inspiration in September? I'd love to hear about them so leave me a comment. :)

Time to Roundup August

The time has come again - the end of the month is here!

I've been doing monthly roundups since January of 2006 and I can’t even begin to tell you how much easier it has made memory keeping for me! I am constantly referencing my past roundups for ideas for scrapbook pages, and I always have material for journaling now.

Look over your calendar, your blog posts, your photos, or whatever types of records you have kept throughout the month. I find that even reviewing my bank statement jogs my memory about what has happened in the month. After I answer the questions I just post them to my blog and my roundup is done.

Here’s a written list of the Roundup Prompts:

  • List what you watched, read, and/or listened to in the past month.
  • What fun things did you do with friends and/or family?
  • What milestones occurred? Any holidays or celebrations? How about special events?
  • Talk about the everyday and routine bits of life in the past month.
  • What good stuff happened? What were the hard things? Anything unusual?
  • Report on the progress you’ve made toward your goals or list any new goals you have set.

Feel free to copy and paste the above list to use for your own notes. Use these prompts as reminders as you go through your calendar and memories from the past few weeks.If you share online, it would be great if you could also include a link back to this post so others know where to find the roundup.

This is also a great time to get your photos off of SD cards or from your phone. Remember, this is just the gathering phase! Once you are done with your roundup, then it’s time to save your memories and share them if you want to.

Have fun doing your roundups!

P.S. I found this beautiful horse photo on if you want to use it for any of your own projects.

Sharing a few layouts

Did you know I'm still on the team at The Daily Digi? Even though I retired from my writing position for the site, I still create layouts as a team member. I always love playing with the kits that come in the Digi Files each month!

I thought I would share a few of my recent favorites that I scrapped for team assignments.

Blue Flower Art - Paris Apartment

Viki Stegall Desi - Practice Art

I'm adding these layouts to my page gallery here on my blog. I always include a quote and a tip in each section of the page gallery layout posted so be sure to browse through for some inspiration and ideas. 

Brave Enough

It's been a while since I stopped and create an art journal page. Whenever I take the time to make a page like this, I always wonder what took me so long to carve out the time to do it? It's so much fun!


I used the July Mixed Media subscription kit from The Lily Pad + the Little Butterfly Wings add-on journaling cards and I basically cheated (a lot) to get this page done in about a minute. Seriously!

I used one of the journaling cards and just added a cityscape border to the bottom of it and then printed the page for my art journal. Super easy!

If I hadn't told you my secret, you all would have just thought I was that crafty, right? Still keep thinking that. lol! But also know that you can be amazing also. Just open up 2 little files in a photo editing program and layer them. Then call it an  art journal page!



Make Pictures

I'm sure you use the phrase "taking pictures" all the time, but how often do you think about "making" a picture? 

It might seem like semantics, but I think there is a big difference. When I TAKE a picture, I am just snapping something as it happens - often without a lot of thought about composition. When I MAKE a picture, I spend time (even if it's only a few seconds) and energy on deciding what to include in the frame. It is a more conscious way of photographing life and I love it!

If you follow my Toy to the World blog and/or Toy Instagram account, you will know that I often keep LEGO minifigures in my purse in hopes of finding great photo ops for them.  As I sat waiting in a doctor's office, I took out this little lady and posed her strategically in front of some medical items. It was a way to MAKE a picture that told a story.


When I purchased a new cross-stitch kit (one that is crazy complicated!) and I wanted to share my new find on my Instagram account, I could have just snapped a picture of the package. Taking the time and thought to open it up and spread out the contents was what "made" the picture more visually interesting.

I could just take a picture of my shopping bag from The Container Store, but it's more fun if I stop to photograph it while I'm still in the store for a little context behind the scene.

Are you getting the idea? Just a little effort goes a long way in composing a photograph! Sometimes it might just mean taking a minute to put together a visually pleasing arrangement. 

Or adding a few "props" that support the story like pens along side of papers.

You can also add some interest with layers. Yep, layers are not just for scrapbooking!

And just like in real estate, it's always about location! Finding the right setting really MAKES the picture!

Next time you pick up your phone or camera, think about the photos you want to make instead of just the ones you want to take. I know it helps me have a lot more fun with my own photography!



Start Where You Are

First of all, I just love the title of this book! I think it's the perfect mantra for just about anything because you really do just need to focus on starting from where you are and stop worrying about all the things in the past and the future. I know that's the advice I need each day!


Besides having an awesome title, this beautiful little book is filled with so many pretty thoughts and pictures. I've been afraid to write in it because I just want to tear out all the pages and frame them. I might actually do that with a few of them, but I'm also excited for the creative exercises as well. I love prompts that make me think and create or document.

One of the biggest premises behind this book is that writing, drawing, and chart-making, such as that in the book, are important creative acts  and vital (no matter how small) to mental health, inner peace, and moving our lives forward.


This was a fun little page because you are encouraged to color in the emotions you have experienced. I honestly can't even imagine not having felt every single one of these feelings at some point in life. I agree with the artist that it is part of life's experience to feel a wide range in the spectrum.


Some of the activities are simple like writing a list or drawing a picture. Others invite you to participate in some habits for a while (like going out to look at the sky) and then fill out an ongoing response.


I wanted to find out more about the artist/author after browsing through all the pages so I thought I would share this info with all of you as well.

Self-taught artist Meera Lee Patel believes that we need to start NOW, start anywhere, to move ourselves forward – and no act of creation is too small. Meera’s whimsical lines of stationery and textiles are sold in boutiques across the United States.
You can also check out Free People’s interview with Meera here. As you can draw from her art, her book START WHERE YOU ARE is also a full-color, passion-inspiring journal designed to nurture creativity, explore inner thoughts, and help us focus on how to move forward—with both our creative abilities and life.

If you love creativity-inducing books like I do, I bet you will love this one. It's already become a #1 bestseller in it's category on Amazon!