Colorful Creativity

Color makes me happy. It seems like the older I get, the more I appreciate the colorful scenes in life. 

I'm always on the hunt for colorful inspiration and I love to pin those ideas to my Color Love Pinterest board. Here are just a few of my favorite finds:

Grouping objects into color bundles by Color Me Katie (great name too!)

Paint chip art found on ish & chi

Oh, how I love crayons! The colorful cups in this image make me want to put some crayons out on my desk. Found this idea on the C.R.A.F.T. blog.

How about a color journal? I think this is a fantastic idea! Check out Alisa Burke's blog for more inspiration. 

This watercolor chart is not only beautiful, but it would also make a great framed piece of art to hang in your house! Found at

Now I'm ready to head back over to Pinterest to look for more color to add to my day!

Photo editing the easy way

I've been a longtime fan of Picmonkey and I love their simple photo editing tools. I love that they have video tutorials to show you how easy it is to get great results.

Links worth clicking:

If you haven't tried out Picmonkey, I hope you will watch a tutorial or play around with some of the tools. I know there are a lot of ways to edit photos these days, but I still love Picmonkey and I use it often. Give it a try!

I'm a lister

I've always loved lists and I'm a big fan of journaling my memories so I was pretty thrilled to find TheResetGirl's #ListersGottaList challenges and community! She offers free daily challenges for listmakers of any type and shares a lot of fun inspiration on Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube.

Everything is free, you just need to sign up for her newsletter.  She gets really creative with her lists and uses a lot of fun planner materials. In the downloads, she totally encourages you to use whatever approach works best for you though. When you explore the #ListersGottaList hashtag on Instagram, you will see a wide variety of styles and ideas. 

I plan to work on a few of the challenges for May and I'm feeling anxious for her June list already. Surely she knows there will be OCD people like me interested? I mean, we are talking about LISTS!

Anyone else out there going to participate? I'll be sharing some of my lists here and some on my Instagram account. 


Going back to my own inspiration

I've been going through a bit of writer's block lately. Not really from lack of anything to say, more from the lack of time to devote to saying it. My inner critic has been trying to convince me that I might be out of ideas or losing my creativity. I decided to shut that voice down and look back on some of the past work I've done to find inspiration.

I've been writing for my own blog for almost 10 years, but I've also written posts for some other sites as well. My biggest chunk of work resides over at The Daily Digi where I was a contributing writer from 2009-2013. I'm still really proud of the content I created there (500 posts!) and I thought it would be fun to link to some of my favorites:

That's just a small portion of what I wrote for The Daily Digi. It was such a fun trip down memory lane to look back over all of those articles. It made me realize how many of the tips and tricks I shared are still very useful to me today. It also helped me get back in the mood to write again. Hooray!

    Sketches of the Rhine

    One of my favorite things about our Viking river cruise trip was getting the new program each day. On several occasions, the program included sketched drawings. I always took pictures of them and I'm going to use them on my layouts. Here's one that I recently worked on:


    I just love that drawing. I sure wish I could get that artist to sketch out all our travels! 

    The Power of TEN

    If you're a long-time follower, you will recognize this principle as I've shared it before. It still is the best way I trick myself into getting things done!

    When a large task overwhelms me, or I'm lacking in motivation, I use my "TEN Trick" to get started. Just spend 10 minutes working on something. Just do 10 quick things to contribute to the overall project. Those little bits of effort here and there add up. Often, I will get in the mode once I've worked for a few minutes or finished a few tasks and I'll keep going. Other times I at least know I have an "out" coming and that doing something is better than doing nothing.

    Need some examples? Here are real ways I've applied this principle in my life on a regular basis.

    • The storage room is a mess - I'll spend 10 minutes organizing it.
    • The dirty dishes are stacked on the counter - I'll rinse 10 of them and put them in the dishwasher.
    • My hard drive is filled with unzipped files - I'll unzip 10 of them and put them away in the proper file.
    • My email inbox is out of hand - I'll fully process 10 emails by reading them, completing the action they require, and deleting them.
    • A room is messy - Pick up 10 items and put them away.
    • The mail is piling up - open and process 10 items.
    • I haven't blogged or journaled in ages - I'll write for 10 minutes.
    • Out of ideas for dinners - Look for 10 new recipes.
    • House is feeling too cluttered - gather 10 items to give away.
    • Haven't backed up photos in a long time - pick 10 and upload them to computer and another backup like Flickr.

    You get the idea, right? Just start somewhere and do a few things. The number 10 works well for me because I start getting excited about doing 10 sets of 10 little things, which means I have actually done 100 tasks! Often, I get going and do even more. If not, at least I got started and I can repeat the trick again in the future to continue the progress. Eventually, it all adds up into finished tasks and projects.