Works in Progress

About once a month or so, my Mom asks me "what are you working on?" or "what projects have you got going?" and I think it's a great moment to pause and take inventory. I always have several things cooking (at least in my mind) and sometimes it's important to stop and think about what those projects are and evaluate the progress.

Digital Spring Cleaning

In preparation for my daughter coming home from her mission in 2 months (Yay!!!), I'm starting to feel the need for some spring cleaning. I want our house to look it's best and I feel like brightening the place up a bit. A little deep cleaning and decluttering makes a big impact!

Last day of the month means...

I've always encouraged my blog readers to do a memory roundup every month on the last day of the month. I know of many who have joined me in this routine since the very beginning. So awesome! 

Katie NelsonComment

Courage is one of those words that I really should think about more often. There are many ways to look at it, but being courageous is often part of our everyday life.