Positive Altitude

This certainly isn't the best picture of me since I'm all hot and sweaty on a hike, but I still like it. Why? Well, there are many reasons. It was a beautiful evening and we were on a hike during golden hour.  My husband and I had some time alone with our daughter and we all enjoyed being together. Without even planning it, I also happened to be wearing the perfect t-shirt for the moment - Positive Altitude. I love Life is Good t-shirts and I wear them most days during the summer. More than anything, I like this photo because I was happy when it was taken. 

Time for a roundup again!

Was it a busy or a quiet month for you? What memories did you make? This is the perfect time to jot them down. That's why I post Roundup reminders on the last day of each month.I began this practice back in January of 2006 and it has revolutionized the way I document my life. Because of this habit, I have a detailed record of my life and I can easily look up memories and events. It's so helpful for scrapbooking purposes and just a great way to stop and take inventory of life now and then.